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By The Bay


Assorted Angel With Wing Pen
Assorted Angel With Wing Pen $38.15
Gather a flock of colorful angels to help you with your work. These bright pens come in assorted colors and write in blue ink. 1 1/4" x 6 1/2" high. Sold per 3 dozen. Item: 31459

Cherub Necklace Cord Pens
Cherub Necklace Cord Pens $18.95
Lovely cherub pens with neck cord and guardian angel script. Black ink. 5 1/2" long. 16" cord. Sold per 3 dozen. Item: 30900

Jesus-Printed Neck Cord Pens
Jesus-Printed Neck Cord Pens $18.95
These fine ballpoint pens ask the question, "What would Jesus do?" In four different colors, with black ink they include an neck cord. 6 1/2" long, 18" cord. Sold per 3 Dozen. Item: 30352

Alien Light Pens
Alien Light Pens $25.45
A pen that's out of this world, with an extraterrestrial surprise: as you write (pushing down on the pen tip), the alien's eyes light up with a red, otherworldly light. Black ink. 8 1/4" long. Display included. Sold per 2 dozen. Item: 33071

Assorted Christmas Pens
Assorted Christmas Pens $18.95
Write all your holiday notes and cards with these festive pens. All come with neck cord for easy use. Black ink. 1/2" x 5 5/8" high. Cord 16 1/2" long. Sold per 3 dozen. Item: 31469

Dolphin Ball Pens
Dolphin Ball Pens $38.20
A dolphin leaps toward a colorful ball on top of these charming pens. Blue ink. 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 7" high. Sold per 3 dozen. Item: 31633