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Porcelain Dolphin Patchwork Plate
Porcelain Dolphin Patchwork Plate $9.95
A realistic photograph of dolphins leaping in the ocean creates the sea-inspired Patchwork pattern on this decorative plate. Porcelain plate with metal stand. 9" diameter. Set. Item: 33817

Patchwork Zebra Plate
Patchwork Zebra Plate $10.95
A zebra stands out from this alluring decorative plate crafted in the Patchwork style. Ceramic. Stand included. 9" diameter plate. Exclusive. Item: 34326

Patchwork Lion Plate
Patchwork Lion Plate $10.95
The King of Beasts is featured on a decorative Patchwork plate. Ceramic. Stand included. 9" diameter plate. Exclusive. Item: 34327

Porcelain Patchwork Cheetah Plate
Porcelain Patchwork Cheetah Plate $10.95
The cheetah's steady gaze makes a striking display on this fine plate of porcelain safari Patchwork. 9" diameter. Item: 32415

Patchwork Giraffe Plate
Patchwork Giraffe Plate $10.95
A marvelous view in Patchwork, with safari-inspired patterning and two elegant giraffes. Crafted in porcelain, this decorative plate comes with a black metal stand. 9" diameter. Item: 32416

Patchwork Safari Elephant Plate
Patchwork Safari Elephant Plate $10.95
The safari Patchwork rim of this decorative plate surrounds a photo of one of the grandest animals seen on the veldt: an elephant. 9" diameter porcelain plate with metal stand. Item: 33829

Dolphins Patchwork Plate
Dolphins Patchwork Plate $9.95
Presented against the lovely blue of the ocean, dolphins swim languidly through a calm sea on this collector's plate edged in "gold." Metal stand. 9" diameter. Item: 31767

Angels Patchwork Plate
Angels Patchwork Plate $9.95
Uniquely-designed, Patchwork, double-angel, collector's plate with gold edging and black metal stand. 9" diameter. Item: 31787