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Angels Patchwork Vase
Angels Patchwork Vase $19.95
Lovely, porcelain, double-angel pattern, Patchwork vase. A stylish statement for your kitchen or den. 5 3/4" diameter x 8 3/8" high. Item: 31785

Children Patchwork Vase
Children Patchwork Vase $19.95
Frolicking children surround this elegantly-styled, Patchwork vase. 6" diameter x 8 1/4" high. Item: 31784

Mother and Child Patchwork Vase
Mother and Child Patchwork Vase $21.95
This porcelain vase features a softly-painted Mother and Child in the popular Patchwork style. 6" diameter x 8 1/2" high. Item: 31781
Mother and Child Patchwork Plate #31780  $10.95

Patchwork Vase - Children
Patchwork Vase - Children $12.95
A vase you'll always treasure, featuring a patchwork pattern of innocence and bliss. Young children frolic in floral gardens. 4 1/8" diameter, 5 5/8" high. Exclusive. Item: 25607

Patchwork Vase - Safari
Patchwork Vase - Safari $14.95
A melange of African animals make a fascinating pattern on this highly lacquered vase. Rim is an antiqued bronze color. 4" x 6 1/2" high. Item: 27070

Patchwork Vase - English Rose
Patchwork Vase - English Rose $12.95
The finest floral arrangement will be shown at its best in this patchwork "English Rose" vase. 4 1/8" x 6 5/8" high. Exclusive. Item: 28258

Patchwork Vase - Safari
Patchwork Vase - Safari $27.95
Another elegant Patchwork pattern is captured on this classically-shaped vase. A fine addition to your collection. 6 1/4" diameter, 9 1/2" high. Exclusive. Item: 30834

Patchwork Vase - Flower
Patchwork Vase - Flower $24.95
Fashioned of porcelain and layered with bright, floral patchwork design, this vase will add a sunny touch to your table. 5 1/2" diameter, 9" high. Exclusive. Item: 31290