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Wood And Aluminum Wind Chimes $16.95

Wood And Aluminum Wind Chimes $29.95

Kokopelli Wind Chimes

A simple yet elegant set of wind chimes, perfect for the porch of that country cottage or sun-dappled patio. The slightest breeze starts a gentle symphony. Overall length: 24". Item: 28191 Nature's own music sounds best when accompanied by the soft, gentle tones of this set of aluminum and wood wind chimes. A natural pine finish makes this a lovely porch decor item. Tubes range from 12" to 17"; the top is 5 1/2" in diameter. Item: 25306 Kokopelli, the Hopi flute player, dances among the melodious tubes of this unique set of wind chimes. 18" long. Item: 30045

Brass Moon, Star, Sun Wind Chimes

Brass Moon, Star, Sun Wind Chimes $19.95

Large Aluminum Wind Chime $39.95

Blueberries Mini Teapot Chimes $6.95

The whole universe swings and sings in the breeze! A brass moon, star and sun wind chimes with blue enameled bells. 21" long. Item: 28465 Large aluminum pipes dangle from fine wood in this impressive wind chime. It only awaits a breeze to play a merry tune in your yard. 42" hanging length. Item: 34308 Decorated with blueberries, a dainty teacup dangles melodious chimes below that sing the song of the breeze, accented by a blueberry pendant. Item: 90006